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Extreme Memory Challenge!

This is a short task that will take you less than 10 min to complete today.

Tomorrow will take less than 5 minutes and you will be given an estimate of your long-term memory ability for faces and names!


Sponsor: MnemOdyssey, LLCPrincipal Investigator: Steven de Belle
Protocol: 2Telephone Number: 702 860 9608
This is an investigational online research study limited to individuals who voluntarily choose to participate. This study will test the ability of the general population to remember faces and names, with the goal of identifying individuals having exceptional memory (who may be given the opportunity to participate in future studies). You will be asked to learn a series of faces and names across 2 days, each day requiring no more than ten minutes.

You must be 18 to participate and may withdraw at any time without penalty. We hope to have 1 million participants.

Known risks of participating are minimal or negligible, including potential boredom or dissatisfaction with test performance. Participation in this study is free but will not be compensated, and has no known direct benefits apart from revealing your memory test score for faces and names. Please adhere to all instructions and answer all questions truthfully.

Personal information will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law. Organizations that may inspect and/or copy your research records for quality assurance and data analysis include researchers involved in the study and the Aspire Independent Review Board (IRB).

The results from the study may be published for scientific purposes, but your identity will be kept confidential. In the rare event that your information is required to be disclosed by law to another entity, privacy laws may not apply, and neither the Sponsor nor Aspire IRB can protect your information.

For questions, concerns, or complaints about the study, contact the primary investigator of the study (number listed above; email: info@extremememorychallenge.com). This study was reviewed by the Aspire Independent Review Board (IRB). An IRB reviews research to protect the rights and welfare of study participants. If you have problems, concerns, or questions about the study, or seek information regarding research subject's rights, please call Aspire's Quality Assurance Department at 1-877-366-5414 (toll free).

Although Aspire IRB has approved this informed consent form and has granted approval for the Investigator to conduct the study, this does not mean Aspire has approved your participation in the study. You must determine if you are eligible and evaluate the information in this informed consent form for yourself to decide whether or not you wish to participate.

If you agree to participate, please click the button below – an action signifying that you agree to the terms in this informed consent document.

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