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The Extreme Memory Challenge

What is the Extreme Memory Challenge?

The Extreme Memory Challenge is a memory task that scientists at Dart NeuroScience (DNS) and MnemOdyssey, LLC have developed to help them identify people with the best memory in the world. Participants in the challenge will find out how their memory compares to reigning 3-time USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis. Additionally, they will see how their performance compares to others from across the globe who have completed the challenge. The challenge involves approximately 10 minutes of your time across two days. After completion of the first session you will be asked to submit your email address so that a link can be sent to you for the second session of the test where you will find out how your memory compares to others.

Who is sponsoring the Extreme Memory Challenge?

MnemOdyssey, LLC

Who is MnemOdyssey, LLC?

MnemOdyssey, LLC was established in 2018 by former DNS scientists and is based in the San Diego area. MnemOdyssey, LLC focuses on cognitive assessment and training to maintain and augment cognitive performance in daily life.

Who is Dart NeuroScience?

Dart NeuroScience (DNS) was an emerging pharmaceutical company formed in 2007 and was based in San Diego, CA. DNS focused on new drugs, technologies, and therapies to improve brain function and help maintain cognitive vitality throughout life.

How many people do you want to complete the challenge?

We want as many people as possible , so we need your help to spread the word!

I performed worse on this task than I expected I would. Does this mean I have memory problems?

Absolutely not! Although this test provides us with information about memory for faces and names, it is important to keep in mind that this is just one specific test for one type of memory. Many factors could impact your performance , such as fatigue, distractions, etc. If you have general concerns about your memory we would suggest that you contact your physician.

Will I be able to see my results from this study?

Yes! Immediately after completing session 2 you will be provided with your performance as compared to all others who have completed the task. You will also be able to compare your score to the 3-time USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis.

Why does the memory challenge require 2 days?

We are interested in long term memory abilities, so it is important that we evaluate your memory after a delay.

I submitted my email address but never received an email with a link for session 2.

24 hours after you complete the first session, the program will automatically send an email to the address you submitted. There are a few common reasons why you may not have received the message for session 2. [1] you may have submitted the incorrect email address. [2], the email message may have been filtered to your spam directory. [3], 24 hours may have not yet elapsed from when you completed session 1.

My email address was submitted incorrectly at the end of session 2. Can this be fixed so that I receive the session 2 email?

Please send the correct address to info@extremememorychallenge.com and we will fix the error.

Future Research

Will you be conducting further research related to the Extreme Memory Challenge?

We will select some individuals from the challenge to complete additional online studies to better understand the mechanisms underlying long term memory.

I opted to participate in future studies but now I have changed my mind.

Thanks for your participation in the challenge! Please send us an email (info@extremememorychallenge.com) and we will remove you from our contact list.

I opted to not participate in future studies, but now I am interested in participating.

That’s great! We would love to have you participate in future research. Please send us an email (info@extremememorychallenge.com) and we will add you to our database.

The Extreme Memory Tournament

What is the Extreme Memory Tournament?

The Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) departs from the long form, analog style of traditional memory competitions by presenting short, exciting, head-to-head memory battles that are powered by the XMT software and viewable from any internet-enabled screen. The XMT brings together the best memory minds in various competitions: international, national (by country), and regional. Competitors face off, challenge their memories in extreme ways, and win big.

What are memory competitors and how can I learn more about what they do?

Below are a number of websites or books that you may find useful (as recommended by 3-time USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis).


  • Make it stick: The science of successful learning, Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger, & Mark A. McDaniel
  • Moonwalking With Einstein, Joshua Foer
  • Quantum Memory Power (audiobook), Dominic O' Brien
  • The Memory Book, Harry Lorayne, Jerry Lucas
  • Your Memory: How It Works And How To Improve It, Kenneth Higbee
  • The Art of Memory, Francis Yates

What is the difference between the Extreme Memory Tournament and the Extreme Memory Challenge?

Memory competitors (who participate in the Extreme Memory Tournament) are essentially professional mnemonists. That is, they have become experts at using a memory technique, and because of that, they are able to perform heroic feats of memory. The Extreme Memory Tournament pits against one another the top memory competitors in the world. In contrast, the goal of the Extreme Memory Challenge is to identify individuals with exceptional memory abilities who do not use specific memory techniques to improve their memory. The goal is to identify individuals with exceptional memory abilities and study these individuals further so that we can better understand the mechanisms underlying exceptional memory abilities in the general population.